Quatro Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery (Multi)

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Introducing the Quatro by HoneyStick – Your Ultimate 510 Battery Experience! Elevate your vaping game with this cutting-edge cube-shaped battery that not only boasts a sleek Camo and Rainbow design but also promises unparalleled performance.

Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary – the Quatro's unique cube shape ensures it stays put on your desk without any pesky rolling. Slip it into your pocket effortlessly alongside your favorite 510 thread prefilled cartridge and be ready to steal the show.

This powerhouse comes equipped with a robust 400 MAH capacity, allowing you to enjoy extended sessions before needing a recharge. Choose from three power settings, reaching a maximum of 4.2 Volts, to tailor your experience to perfection. The convenient preheat function ensures your sessions start smoothly every time.

Charging has never been easier with the Quatro's micro USB port located at the foot of the battery. Enjoy the simplicity of powering up your device while reveling in its impressive 15W output performance.

Don't settle for the ordinary – make a statement with the Quatro by HoneyStick. Elevate your vaping experience with style, power, and reliability. Your perfect 510 battery is just a cube away!

Quatro Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery (Multi)

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