Device & Coil

How to turn on? It's not doing anything?

Once the battery is fully charged, press the button 5 times rapidly to turn the unit on. Then push and hold the button throughout the duration of your inhale.

Does using a glass dab/loading tool instead of metal make any difference for that?

No, not really, unless you are actually heating the dab tool. We recommend using a high-quality dab tool at all times. Several of our kits and wax atomizers come with a quality dab tool.

What blue blinking light without any pull or heat means?

Usually this means the atomizer is either burnt out, the cartridge is bad, or the cartridge is not attached to the battery properly.

Can the honeystick sub ohm for thick oil be filled directly with distillate like the pre-filled cartridges are?

Yes, the sub ohm unit can work well for basically all textures of oils.....anything an ordinary cartridge can do, the sub ohm kit or tank will ace.

Can I use the Oz ohm dry herb tank on the bee keeper?

No, the Beekeeper battery is not compatible with the Oz Ohm tank. You need a battery that has a 510- thread and can put out over 20Watts for 10 seconds to work properly. Our Sub Ohm kit battery will work, so will our stinger / chiller b battery.

How large is the phantom?

The Phantom is a small unit. It is the same height as our beekeeper and ripper . In terms of width it is slightly wider than beekeeper but slimmer than the Ripper. All three of these units are comfortably pocket size or purse inner pouch size and not on the heavy side.

Does the Ripper accept just 1gm size oil cartridges? How reliable is the unit? I am looking for only long lasting, durable products.

The Ripper Kit comes with 2 of its own proprietary cartridges that are 1 ml capacity and does not accept pre-filled 510 carts from other vendors. It is one of our most rugged and durable units with a rubberized textured outer that feels like a grainy Teflon. We used our own design capsule because it is very intense and creates larger than life rips. The Tanks can be cleaned with Alcohol and we sell replacement heaters so it is a "lifer" unit. If you need something for 1 ml prefilled tanks on the market, check out our HoneyStick Phantom.....we believe it is the best and most powerful concealer available.


Can I use pods?

Check out The Honeystick VPOD - POD Vaporizer Kit for Oils. The latest POD Oil Vape Unit release from HoneyStick.

What are the recommended wattage for the HoneyStick vape tanks?

Highbrid is 20-25Watts
Sub ohm 10-50Watts
Oz ohm - 20-28Watts
Stinger - 8-12Watts (Maximum)


Does the HoneyStick have replacement coils?

Yes we sell replacement coils for the sub ohm kit in 5 packs

My coil is reading at 1.1 ohms and I am not able to suck air through the coil very well at all and there is no wax in the bowl .

All of our coils are below 1.0 ohms, so the coil must have been damaged. Please replace the coil and see if it fixes the problem. If not please call our tech support.

It tastes burnt.

If your unit tastes Burned it can be one of 2 solutions. Either turn the wattage or voltage of your unit down until the desired taste is attained or you need to replace your coil / atomizer.

I am having trouble taking the magnetic adapter off of the tank that came with my beekeeper HoneyStick conceal .

Sometimes if oil gets on the atomizer this can happen....clean the magnet adapter with alcohol and use rubber gloves to get a secure grip on the atomizer. If that doesn’t work gently use pliers for a firmer grip. When using pliers put a paper towel between the pliers and adapter so you don’t scratch the magnet adapter.

Liquid & Concentrates

What’s the capacity?

Our units all come with different fill capacities. For oil kits the smallest capacity is 0.5ML which is in our beekeeper.

I was wondering if I can use any CBD oil with it?

YES Our units intended for use with oils can accept CBD oil.


How much wax can the bowl hold?

Each one of our concentrates units have different capacities. We recommend only filling the white / ceramic inside of the bowl.


How long does it take to charge my device?

Most of the devices can get a full charge in about 2 Hours. Our Aficionado unit has a 15 minute rapid charge option.

How do I know when BeeKeeper is fully charged?

The Red light will either go out of turn Blue.

Is there a way to tell when device battery is low ? 

As a general rule when the unit stops producing as much vapor, and when heat up time slows it means the battery is running low. On some units, the LED indicator will turn a different color or blink multiple times when coming to a critically low level.