Dissim Inverted Butane Lighter

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Reinvented Butane Lighter to Work Upside Down

Inverted Butane Lighter Features:

- Low temperature candle flame
- Patent-pending circle grip
- Lifetime Warranty
- Butane refillable lighter with a fuel window
- Adjustable flame
- Angled flame port
- High-quality trigger ignition
- Lighters ship without fuel

Tired of burning your thumbs with your pipe lighter or when you light your favorite bowl or bong? Don't want to keep buying disposable throw-away lighters that end up in a landfill? Just because you don't indulge in tobacco doesn't mean you cannot have a premium lighter that has the feel, features, and functionality of premium lighters but specifically designed for CBD or dispensary users. Dissim products acquired by HoneyStick are the first lighter to focus on Inverted lighting or upside-down lighting position, without impacting or "burning" the user with having to keep the lighter lit. This lighter has an adjustable soft flame that is powered by high-quality components and is refillable with a standard can of butane. The lighter has a US Patent Pending design and has a unique Ergonomic texture/finger hole for your comfort and optimal inverted lighter position. The Build quality of the lighter has a luxurious feel and the materials are top tier for the product. The Lighter comes with a Limited lifetime warranty and is built to last. Light it up or Light it Down you can achieve new altitudes with Dissim.

Dissim Inverted Butane Lighter

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