AeroBee Digital Vaporizer for 510 Thread Cartridges

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The AeroBee Digital Magnetic Vaporizer for 510 thread cartridges

The AeroBee Vape Concealer Highlights

- Digital magnetic concealer for 510 thread cartridges
- Watt control mode and Temperature control modes
- High Capacity 800 MAH Battery
- Aerospace Aluminum Body
- Push-button operation
- Slim and Sleek quality feel
- Clear large LED Readout

AeroBee Digital Concealer Kit Contains:

1 x 800 mAh AeroBee MOD Battery
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
2 x Magnet Adapters / Connectors
1 x User Manual
Note: NO Cartridge / VapeTank Included

The Latest revolutionary concealer from the honey stick is the AeroBee. True to its name it is crafted out of airplane aluminum housing the high capacity 800 MAH battery for long life and big power. How many concealers have you seen that are digitally adjustable and have digital battery readout on an LCD screen? Not many, then to take it an extra level and say how many units have digital temperature control so you can dial in the temperature to the Fahrenheit or Celsius that you desire. Think about the empowerment it gives you to take your dispensary-bought cartridge and dial in your temperature?? This can take your vaping experience to a whole new level. Lastly, if you don't want to mess with temperatures you have a simple watt mode that you can also select. The AeroBee has plenty of sting with 20Watt Max output high-quality connectors and still comes together in a slim and sleek package ready for stealthy oil vaping of 510 thread cartridges. If you want big power you can dial into perfection, then grab a seat on the Aerobee and you will enjoy the ride.


Power On/Off: Click the power button 5 times quickly to turn on/off the device.
Switch Mode: The default of the new products is VW mode - Adjustable range: 1-20W. It can be switched to TC mode after pressing the power button 3 times quickly - Adjustable range: 100-300°C, 200-600°F. TC mode can only support coils made from SS316 material. Restarting the device, the working mode will be the same as before.
Screen Conversion: Click the power button 4 times quickly to turn over the screen.
VW/TC Adjustment: Press the +/- button to adjust the power and temperature.
Lock/Unlock the Adjustment Button: Press both +/- buttons at the same time for 2 seconds to lock or unlock the TC/VW mode and the screen shows 'Locked' or 'Unlock'.
Check the Atomizer: As using a defective atomizer, the screen prompts 'Check Atomizer'.
Atomizer Replacement: A prompt will be displayed of the "+: New coil/-: old coil", Click the "+" button when the atomizer is not the previous working atomizer on this device, On the contrary, Click "-" button.
Overtime Working Prompt: Device output will be disconnected automatically when it works more than l0s and a prompt of "Over Time Project" will be displayed.
Short Circuit Prompt: When the atomizer is a short circuit, the resistance of the coil will be shown as "0.00Ω" on the screen
Prompt of Battery Power: If the battery power is too low, the screen will display "low battery". While charging, if the device is on, the screen will be working and the battery symbol scrolls. if the device is off, the screen will display "charging". After the device is fully charged, the screen shows "Full" and then the device turns off automatically.

AeroBee Digital Vaporizer for 510 Thread Cartridges

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