BeeBox PRO Vape Battery for 510 Cartridges & PODs

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2-IN-1 Vaporizer for PODs and 510 Cartridges

A complete list of compatible vape POD brands that will work with the Beebox PRO are below:

J-Pods | Eon Pods | Magic Mist Pods | ZiiP Labs | Juul Pods | Zalt | VQ Pod | Loon pods | Pod Plug | ViV Pod | Holy Smokes Pods | 3X Pods | AirBender Pods | Atom Pods | Fama Pods | Cyclone Pods | Hempods | Hempzilla Pods | Sea 100 Pods | JGO Pods | E-Liquid universe | Calm Pods | Shangri La Pods | Canna Pods | SAUC Pods | Cuul Pods | Earth CBD Pods |

The days of carrying 2 vapes are over with the launch of the HoneyStick Beebox PRO digital vape Mod battery. This revolutionary Unit allows you to vape 510 thread prefilled cartridges and prefilled pods from the same device. Whether you are ripping on your 510 cartridges or puffing on your pod, you dial in the intensity level that you want to vape at, letting you be in control of your cloud, taste, and activation. 

The BeeBox PRO is push-button activated for the 510 vape cartridge function and auto draw activated for the pod function keeping it true to form. 

BeeBox PRO has a beefy 600MAH of battery capacity which is more than twice the capacity of the most popular pod units providing more puffs and less power fade. Furthermore, it has a digital LCD screen which indicates the battery life, so you won't get any unwanted surprises. 

Having a higher capacity battery means more than double the puffs in between charges and the digital screen allows you to monitor your battery life and dial in on the perfect intensity level. 

BeeBox PRO Vape Battery for 510 Cartridges & PODs

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